Yarimā - Finally Free (Single) Feb 2021

Yarimā - Finally Free (Single) Feb 2021

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LovAnaverse Records Presents: Yarimā

Yarimā Kuro is a Dima Faewarian of the Soomēna Forest, situated in the Eyvarla Kingdom, in the far east of the planet Faewar. She's a protector of the spiritual realm and a guardian of balance at the glorious Askarū temple, keeping the peace amidst the shadows of night. The music of Yarimā reflects the duality of her nature. Hard guitars and crushing drums, contrasting symphonic arrangements and eastern mysticism, her ethereal voice lighting the way through the dark.

'Finally Free' is ultimately about achieving power through unity. There is a saying "One man on the battlefield is not a warrior", meaning that you need others in order to make things happen. We must understand that we're always stronger together; we must inspire and support each other however we can. And when we live that way, then there is nothing to be afraid of anymore, everything becomes possible.

Released: February 26th 2021

Written & Performed by Yarimā Kuro
Produced & Arranged by Gaius Black
Mixed & Mastered by Gaius Black

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