Woods of Wonders - Lost (Album) Oct 2022

Woods of Wonders - Lost (Album) Oct 2022

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LA Earth Presents: Woods of Wonders

Gideon Ricardo's Woods of Wonders The Metal Opera is a symphonic metal project by Gideon Ricardo and his fiancée Charlaine van der Loon, with several guest musicians and singers. As two children are playing in the woods, they discover a different world far beyond their own. What creatures, civilizations and magic are hiding in this world?

Lost is the debut album from Gideon Ricardo's Woods of Wonders The Metal Opera. Featuring a wide range of guest stars, from some of the best upcoming talents to legends of the metal genre. The story follows a boy and a girl, who get lost in the Woods of Wonders. In each song they encounter a different realm (with a different genre of metal) in a compelling story for both children and adults!

Released: October 7th 2022

Music by Gideon Ricardo
Lyrics by Gideon Ricardo & Charlaine van der Loon
Mixed & Mastered by Sunway Studios
Logo & Album Cover by Thomas Ewerhard

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