Urania Fantasia - The Arcane Muse (Single) July 2022

Urania Fantasia - The Arcane Muse (Single) July 2022

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LovAnaverse Music Universe Presents: Urania Fantasia

Urania is an angelic being bound to the mystical worlds of the Luux system. A shapeshifting songstress, whose voice culminates the elements in ethereal melody. For Urania is one with the ether, the wind and the rain itself… And for eternity they have existed through all that is. Their voice is said to be the most beautiful, powerful & enchanting force of nature to ever bless one's ears, entwined with the ominous metal of the realms greatest composers...

Now benediction can be yours, with 'The Arcane Muse' the debut single by Urania Fantasia. Featuring music meticulously crafted by Gaius Black, the epic opus provides the ultimate platform for Urania's introduction, spanning the range of their supernatural voice amidst defining thematic melodies...

Released: July 29th 2022

Urania Fantasia is Performed by Pete Rawcliffe
Gaius Black is Performed by William J. Rogers
Lyrics, Melody & Vocals by Urania Fantasia
Music Composition, Production, Mixing & Mastering by Gaius Black

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