Flavour Nurse - Love is the Reason (Single) Sep 2021

Flavour Nurse - Love is the Reason (Single) Sep 2021

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LovAnaverse Records Presents: Flavour Nurse

Flavour Nurse is a Faewarian band known for pioneering the genre of Arcane Rock. The band consists of frontman Gaius Black, bassist Sobias Sheim, guitarist Raven Van Rijn & drummer Croon. The music of Flavour Nurse is progressive and mystical, covering the spectrum both musically & topically. The band have an alchemistic approach to music, blending Faewarian magic to create an immersive experience, constantly evolving with elaborate arrangements and intricate detail. Each song a journey of it's own...

Love is the Reason is an ode to love, all supreme. A ballad of epic proportion and one of the earliest titles to be developed by the Flavour Nurse. The Faewarian philosophy to raise the vibration of the universe breathes deeply within each beat, as the piece carries out a transcendent message of unconditional love.

Released: September 10th 2021

Performed by Flavour Nurse
Music & Lyrics by Gaius Black & Sobias Sheim
Produced by Gaius Black & Bogdan Echo Milošević
Mixed & Mastered by Gaius Black & Bogdan Echo Milošević

Recorded at Love Anarchy Studios & The University of Westminster, Harrow Campus

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