Flavour Nurse - A Million Miles (Disappear) (Single) Aug 2021

Flavour Nurse - A Million Miles (Disappear) (Single) Aug 2021

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LovAnaverse Records Presents: Flavour Nurse

Flavour Nurse is a Faewarian band known for pioneering the genre of Arcane Rock. The band consists of frontman Gaius Black, bassist Sobias Sheim, guitarist Raven Van Rijn & drummer Croon. The music of Flavour Nurse is progressive and mystical, covering the spectrum both musically & topically. The band have an alchemistic approach to music, blending Faewarian magic to create an immersive experience, constantly evolving with elaborate arrangements and intricate detail. Each song a journey of it's own...

A Million Miles (Disappear) is a landmark composition from the Flavour Nurse live set of old, journeying through light and shadow to deliver triumphant resolve. A song about togetherness and finding ones way back home, beckoned forth by the harmony of it's hook.

Released: August 13th 2021

Performed by Flavour Nurse
Music & Lyrics by Gaius Black & Sobias Sheim
Produced by Gaius Black & Bogdan Echo Milošević
Mixed & Mastered by Gaius Black & Bogdan Echo Milošević

Recorded at Love Anarchy Studios & The University of Westminster, Harrow Campus

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